The Dying Romantic

The Dying Romantic, Front Coverr


Dying Romantic Back Cover

The Dying Romantic is a collection of poetic longings that allude to the discovery of the soul and self in the physical and emotional world. As a result of fearing vulnerability, romantics often appear to be a dying race. Replaced with the man that would rather purchase the smile on your face, and keys to your heart, than pay attention, listen, and appreciate the blessing of getting to know you. This collection will help remind you how beautiful and spectacular you have always been, while igniting the fervent passion and understanding that you can be better, while helping others do the same! Immense love is invested in this creation fueled by the understanding that what you share with this world, is what it keeps of you. While reading the words within these pages, internalize the words of another that have served as my inspiration along the way: “Where you invest your love, you invest your life”. – Marcus Mumford

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If you would like an autographed copy, email me and let me know whether you’d like a hard or softcover and include your shipping address and who you would like it made out to.

Hardcover: $36.00 (Price includes shipping) Softcover: $26.00 (Price includes shipping)

Below are some of the poems you will find in The Dying Romantic


Folk and Open Road

Good Signs

Basking Breathless Under a Summer’s Sun

A Kingdom Below

Achilles Heel

The King of Many Things

From Ashes to Light

La Resistance

Fight With Me


Vision Amidst Pouring Rain

 Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore 

What it is to weep

For what and whom will you not die, but live for?

Blessed to Be Born, A Call to Action

Jp + Laura

Satan’s Mistress

The Rhythm 

Open Your Eyes

Katie Rose

We will break if we do not bend

Your Melodious Tune


Rise Up

A Place Only You Can Go

A Whisper on the Wings of Wind

Pretty Girl from Dallas

What it Means to Be Beautiful

This Song to You

The Day the Music Lied

My Happiness In Her Eyes

In Ecstasy 

The Twist

These Dividing Lines

A Prerequisite to Madness

My Time In the Sun

Sing to My Soul

Washed In Water

An Angel’s Luck

High Heels

I Fall to You

I Need a Dollar

Silhouette Inside the Sun

Free to Fly

Ghosts and Dreams

Straight Line

Rising Sun

Your Voice

The Duration of a Good Vinyl 

In the Wind I Blow

Dream Weaver

Slow Dancing Under Shooting Stars

From East to West

Believe it to be

We Bleed

The Elements

Cold Water

Yearning to Fly

Sinful thoughts yet the best intentions


Flooded In Light

Tangible Dreams

Hope, or Hopeless? 

The Northern Stars

Living or Wishing?

I’ve Wondered


Last Words

The Beat of My Heart


Tiny Dancer

Shades of Blue

Gifts from the Gods

Heavens and Heathens

Six Feet Under

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