Too much and not enough

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Too much to do and not enough time

Let it all go and put down some rhymes
Words will sit on paper and carry on long after I’m gone
Even the best of love only lasts so long

Too much to do and too little sleep to dream
A day dreamer eludes the boiling hot sun and its gleam
She pushes your buttons so it’s time to tap them keys
I may be a foolish man but ill never mistake wants for needs

From ink on paper to fingers on screen
Only 28 years in — the things I have seen
Finding my style and stumbling into routine
Just getting started and it’s about time oceans parted

Rip open the heavens and bless the earth
Whiskey , women and wine inside a man instill the need to curse
When the great gates open and your creator judges I hope you remembered to rehearse
Or make one last prayer that it’s all just a dream and out walks a scantly dressed nurse

Too much to do and not enough time
So lets take the whiskey, women and wine and find a beach mighty fine
Let it all go and feel the world below
Tonight the stars become the gazers I hope you enjoy the show.




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