Fight With Me

By Kevin Alan Lamb

This blood runs rich with vigor

A passion that fuels from the core

A voice that will travel for miles

Stretching from sea to shore

My intentions are without question

My mountain to climb– the world

No exceptions, no deflections, I shoot for the stars and the moon

My destiny to be realized soon

I shall soar through heavens and Earth

Bear the burden of all that are cursed

I shall free them in fleet and flight

An extraordinary reminder that some will still fight!

For better days, for magnificent ways, for a dying man that prays

Not because I am holy, not because I am blessed, but because I believe!

Will you not follow the force of fury blazing into battle?

Will you not save the cursed, simply by joining in my shadow?

It will be me who suffers unimaginable pain

It will be my heart, soul and blood they wish to drain

Yet here I stand, and triumph I determinately seek

Blessed are the meek, but tomorrow they may find death in their sleep

If today, we do not take a stand

Our land is ours only if we insist

Reflect over all the truly inspiring moments you have missed

Because of the details you have watched your world slip away

But today with a single act of courage it will be yours to stay!

Rise! Rise to your feet and stare into the depth of darkness that lies in the enemy’s eyes

Be not afraid, I absolve you of your fears

Embrace the power and beauty of the unity of noble souls

Standing together, before the world, accepting nothing short of a revolution!

The power is ours, our guide the stars, dare to fail a friend of passion

This moment is one you’ll recall for eternity

The moment you took control of your fate

With open arms and clenched fists for goodness sake!

Fight for those who can only pray

Fight for life, if just for one more day

Fight with me

Fight to be free

Fight and alas see how glorious being an inspiration can be.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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