Treacherous Winds At Sea

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Without senses I could not perceive the traces of the ocean my soul wished to leave behind for others who did not ever see, touch or taste its beauty

Without insisting, who knows if they’d ever even know what they’ve been missing, like bearing witness to shooting stars without wishing

Because wishes and dreams fill the seas that never sleep

In their own right, gargantuan mountains to climb so steep

But once tantalized with even a peek of a sunrise dare you deprive your only two eyes of the sight that knows not lies or deceit, only purity of a new day rising, such beauty uncompromising

It’s time you set your eyes on sites that keep us up nights

Just to behold their beauty everlasting

Like an angel casting his line for us men and women to see

Perhaps even believe that there is more than what we merely perceive

That once given life, it would never leave, and traces of your time spent on this planet earth would always loom and reside and be sprinkled upon land and the seven seas as far wide as even an elephant sees, because an elephant never forgets and what man does not know he can’t ever expect and what is unexpected will never need to be resurrected, because once is enough and it will fill lifetimes of memories and creations and realizations that everything we could ever wish to create was made possible the moment we were given birth and a name and enough courage to roll the dice and offer hope to this game of life and a constant battle between darkness and light, blindness and sight, goodness and spite

So with our chance we set our sails west and pray for wind because without it we will be consumed by the waves created by those who sinned too often and never with any regret because they either didn’t care or expect for action to be met with reaction as if things were made increasingly slippery with traction

But where is reason in this stormy season and our plight to avoid flight and stay upright atop these mighty tidal waves and be the flicker of light that saves the story from ending just yet because it can’t ever be just what they expect we must endure and continue to prevail or the goodness in all of us will have already failed and I am not the type who sets to sea simply to say that he has sailed.




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