Oceans filled with sand and people filled with love


By Kevin Alan Lamb

Oceans filled with sand and people filled with love
Smiling faces and positive vibrations erasing all traces of darkness in sight
Volcanos and beaches, collectively living a life that teaches a better way and flight from leeches
Each of us gives ourself to an idea that we are better off with one another
Strangers that are really just family I haven’t met yet
So much love to give I can’t imagine the love there will be to get
Blues eyes that match the sea and sky, hearts to reciprocate goodness like sunrise
Six months away I know it will disappear in an instant
I am drawn to the light because it is in me and know not how to resist it
An island another world away; in my heart I know once I  go I will always stay
I can feel the sun on my face as we hike, climb, swim and play
I can taste the fresh fruit on my lips as we celebrate the best of days
I will experienced god in the people I love and the places my eyes are yet to see
I was born free and committed to remain
I will hurt for your freedom from pain
We will open eyes closed with fear and give that fear a name
We will light up the Darkness and leave a trail of bread crumbs for those who wish to follow
We will offer substance to souls that have been sold and hollowed
We will shine so bright our light will carry across the seven seas and cover the earth
We will inspire and remind how very much every single person is worth
We will take flight and soar, dive and explore the ocean floor to illuminate the goodness in those who have lost sight of it in their life
We will be what we are and trace our ladder to the stars
We will live and love hard while sharing our blessings with those who wish to heal their scars




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