If and only if

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Believe you can make a difference and you will

Choose to be better and you will be

Love with all of your heart and you’ll be loved back

Be consumed by goodness and it will spread

Live free and be happy

Live hard and rest in peace

Live righteous and refrain from begging on your knees

Understand that even blind men see

With their heart

With their remaining senses

Tear down your walls and fences

Fly if you’re able to grow wings

If you have a voice be sure to fucking sing

If you enjoy bells you best make them ring

If you play the violin be sure to pray for unbroken strings

If you give a damn don’t give it about bling

If you give more you will live more

If all you do is take, in your lonely bed you will sleep that you continue to make

If you aren’t certain on which side of line in the sand you stand I assure you you’re fake

If you wish to be remembered ensure you create

If you create let it be from a special place inside

If you create the best wish you can make is that your creation spreads wide, runs wild and free

If you instill positive change I assure you of your kinship with souls that are of the same

If you live and give with all of your heart I assure you’re looking in a mirror when you gaze at stars

By Eric Hampton

By Eric Hampton

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