Open your Eyes

I want to open your eyes

Like you opened mine

How lucky to find

A soul capable to taking breath

Look me in the eyes

Inspire me like the moon does the tides

Cherish the moments when beauty collides

Like the edge of the cliff and ocean side

A shiver runs down my spine

She must be mine

You entered my dreams that April night

I haven’t been able to stop shaking since the moment you entered stage right

Consider an entity with the capability to stop time

With each breath; your scent resonates with the organ in my chest

After tasting but a spoonful– I need the rest

If I could dream all day I would

Because in those dreams you are staring me in the eyes

Never forget the breaths following the parting of blue skies

Growing use to being controllably out of control

A moment at a time you are becoming a more featured role in my rhyme

Growing in a place once weak

Confident to be a fool and smile in my sleep

Let me kiss you hand

Or maybe just your cheek

Anything more would make me far too weak

I feel it in my knees

I want to see a girl that believes

Have faith in me

Because I will not let you down

These words are true

Look in the mirror

What is it you fear?

Open your eyes

See the girl that inspires in me the only real high

Her heart could fill the sky

Red dawn; unlike sailors I have dreamed this day for long

Reach for me

Even if it is only in the distance

Everything about this is telling me I cannot miss this

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