Satan’s Mistress

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Is it either Heaven or Hell?

Don’t spend more than a moment counting on a wishing well

Perhaps you have fallen under Satan’s spell

You are not the first

But imagine if you could be the last?

Consider if men learned from their past

Resisted the temptress despite how good she looked in the red dress

Seal your fate for the delight of a mortalizing caress

Could a man deny it even at his best?

Why such a demand for the distinction between the organs down below and in our chest?

Too many susceptible to the temptation of lust at its most perfect sight

To trade an eternity for a life-defining-night

How do we attempt rationality when Satan’s mistress Aphrodite offers you a bite?

The notion of being no better than our worst moments sends one into a quarrelsome plight

To be good most of the time in a state of nature would be pretty alright

But that is not the world we live in

And nine times out of ten we give in

No matter the detriment to our well-being and richness of the soul

With but a single opening we abandon our every goal

Self preservation always comes second to a woman’s touch

It is only my short sidedness and desperation that can manifest within me blush

From lover to friend—a transition that insists our hearts and minds bend

Why not abstain?

Darwin’s theory lends to releasing the pheromones embedded in her scent and name

What is it I wish to hold onto?

Certainly my answers do not lie with you

There are far more deserving of my good intentions brought about a sky blue

Why must we sink or swim?

Refrain—or fill to the brim?

Our indulgences shed light on the people we hope and hate to be

Perhaps that is why Sartre believed it a curse to be free

But if freedom, a curse

There exists no dividing line between breathing and hearse

So breathe I will, and free I am

And maybe next time I will turn down the most enticing indulgence offered at Satan’s hand.

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