Katie Rose

I like to think that some days, I tried very hard

I remember moments, when I cried very hard

I like to think we had something great

I always knew, her heart may break

I don’t say it with a smile, and I never kissed her without one

She told me she couldn’t leave me behind; I could actually see it in her eyes

I wanted to look; to stare in them back

Knowing what I did; I can’t look back

I took the trust that she gave me

Wishing something in her eyes might save me

A soul that wanders is a soul that hurts

<em>But a soul that doesn’t move on is a soul that doesn’t learn</em>


I was comfortable with her, for too many days

Always knowing, her love I’d waste

Not because I didn’t want it

Not because I didn’t love it

I don’t think I deserve such a girl

That could remain with me knowing she wasn’t my world

I know I looked, in her eyes

Told her “I love you,” and she knew it was a lie

I loved her being, in my life

But not for a second, did I see a wife

Without even the little chance, how could I ever, show her real romance?

How can I love her with all my heart? Always knowing I broke us apart

Many nights, lie ahead

Lying awake, thinking what I said

It won’t be easy, I know it’s true

It will not be easy, without you

You’ll move on and I’ll remember your lips too well

Always remembering, how my heart first fell

My heart may always, hold you close

But I could never be the man that would love you most

So many memories, upon which my mind will dwell

So many good nights; how fast we fell

Though I know, it’ll be rough on my heart

Today I make a promise that I cannot break

It is too myself but for both our sake’s

I took you for granted – I took your heart

Knowing it shouldn’t belong to me, from the start

I promise myself, to let you be free

We’ve already had our second chance

It’s so sad we never did dance

There is no winning each other back this time

Your heart will never, be friend to mine

It’s not what I wish, nor what I desire

But it seems this time we both burned in the Mexican fire

So soon ago, there was moments of hope

So soon ago, I was holding you close

Promising more- and believing it true

Then a car drove away- and I no longer have you

It’s hard to imagine; it’s hard to believe

I had no defense to tears; watching you leave

So soon ago you were more than a ghost

One of many that haunts my past

Knowing how long; alone I’ll probably last

It won’t be easy, but it never is

I’ll always remember, our last kiss

But now I must say good bye and try to believe

Sick at my self- your love- and how I did treat it

I wish your happiness with most of my heart

Please believe in yourself, you can go far

My life will be missing that which you gave

I promise to always, remember your name

It saddens me so, to see you leave

But I made my bed, so in it I shall sleep.

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