The Rhythm

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We perform for audiences

I will happily write for one

There was a time I’d take anyone

But with the days I’ve endured in breath and beauty

Magnificent people have grew to me

Both in spirit and good will

For an open ear but really a heart to lend

They are what we’ll remember in the end

Certain ones – for which we’d hop, skip, and bend

Our love is what will remind us reason to stand by that which we believe in

Love and life flow with a rhythm that can change with the seasons

The ebb and flow within these paths cannot be rationalized with reason

A collective infusion of gold souls incapable of treason

We will fight the good fight

Inspire light in place of darkness

Hold for those you can no longer

Bound to one another by our desire to fuel the fire and carry on

I will carry you if that is what you need

But do please tread gently because though strong willed- I too bleed

So let us bathe in the good lord’s grace without the need

Let us soak in the pouring rain and plant like seeds

Connected with one another and with the Earth

Brothers and sisters until the hearse

Better to be, better because, better together both living and buried with our love

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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