Your Melodious Tune

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Days slip away yet your resin remains

Your absence runs heavy throughout my veins

It is growing apparent that the days apart will not get easier but more difficult

I miss your scent and your eyes brown like the earth

If it brings me closer to you I will fall to my knees on a wooden pew before god in church

I believe in my heart you long for my touch, gaze, and smile

Your presence and light have bestowed in me a chemical process that has been absent a while

My heart beats faster when you’re on my mind

It appears my mind will runs circles around my heavy heart this time

Every melodious tune sings of you

What purpose a compass with directions North, South, East, and West, If they bring me no closer to you and the precious heart in your chest?

Some men are weighed down by gravity and pressure

Upon my passing I ask that it be by my love that I am measured

From inside out versus head to toe

I miss you more than perhaps I ought let you know

You have instilled within me a need

The need to breathe your love and life

The comfort of a gentle caress

The thrill and fear of not knowing what to expect

My master plan has been sliced and diced

You will always be the temptress for whom I’m enticed

For better or worse my DNA has been dusted with your light

Days grow short but the road to you long

I will write you a song and sing it to myself to endure

I will fight my angst with cloak and dagger, but you are the only cure to the latter.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton, the Storyteller

Eric Hampton Photography

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