A Place Only You Can Go

“There is a place only love can go.” NEEDTOBREATHE – “A Place Only You Can Go”

By Kevin Alan Lamb

And if it may take you, it may consume you

Heavy hearts don’t hang but sink like cannonballs

Hope dwindles as deteriorating romantics wither

Losing love is losing yourself

Looming love is inevitable

Lasting love, rare to find

Too many traces of your imprint in my mind

Too many memories never to be made

Too few kisses that are the only way I ever wish to be paid

Is it the man in me that is not enough, or the woman in you and I’ve called your bluff?

A feverent passion is resonated from head to toe

With but a taste— I am thirsty for more

Am I weak for wanting it all?

Will my heavy heart be the reason I continue to stumble and fall?

My greatest weakness persists

Your brown eyes, I continue to miss

Unable to wish you away

To no god, but love I continue to pray

I felt you dissolving from my life

Why is it certain that darkness always follows light?

Why must I hold on hope, despite the constant torment of your memory that haunts like the numbess of dope?

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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