Wondering the way her love tastes

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Clocks keep ticking and men keep wishing to one day be the man they see when they close their eyes and dream

Battles keep on keepin’ on because it is our struggle that reminds us how to hold on to when we need to

Love keeps eluding us and in its absence we replace it with feelings of pleasure, immediacy and doubt

The sun keeps rising reminding us that despite the demons within us there is always one more day to cast them out 

Lonesome highways and oceans lead us away from the homes and paths already beaten

Both beautiful and deceptive eyes fool and lure us into believing a mirage in the form reciprocity lies around the bend, but quickly we learn that is precisely this type of hope that prompts the demise of even great men

Rock and roll plays on the radio while we smile or suffer from the stretch of miles we’ve already inked into our skin and soul

A lifetime of happenstance finds a way to assemble and dance for whichever purpose or displeasure we are intent on making ourselves endure

The sea and its sentiment seems further away than the miles on maps indicate

Rarely does a man stray too far away from the question of an inevitable or illogical collision with true love

With only questions even the Riddler questions his suggestions that know not response

Just when we need it summer awaits around the corner and calms the cadence of our longing hearts

Long days and longer night remind to reminisce in simpler days where all we longed for was the sun upon our face, stars in our eyes, and sand between our toes

Sunscreen and sundresses cast a spell over our tendency to overthink those things that noone knows

Bikinis and tan-smiling-faces remind that not all oasis’ are mirages tantalizing while stuck in-between places

And only a poet wills his thoughts into words until the moment reason flies away with the birds and he once again chases another pretty girl wondering the way her love tastes.




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