Bob Dylan

I’ve sprinted and stumbled, proclaimed and mumbled, and all the while never strayed too far from a smile
We try and find our way but it doesn’t happen overnight
Living is a journey so I recommend a tent and hiking boots
Release the fear that hides behind all things you choose
Bring a knife if it will bring you comfort and safety
The road ahead is many things but I assure you it is not for the lazy
Hard rains will try and drown you in the night
Sirens will sing for you to sell your soul and you just might
Blues will blanket you like the sunshine you forgot the feel of
Doubt will brood within and trick you into thinking answers lie in empty bottles of whiskey, gin and sin
Loved ones and their grace will fade away without a trace if you let them
Lighting will crash and boom on your hopes and plans and sunny afternoons
Lust will insist truth exists in a pair of lips and a kiss
Logic will scorn you for your flee from reason and willingness to commit treason against your goals and best intentions for a moments bliss in ascension towards an illusion masked by a spectacular pair of tits
Looming light will lead you left when the way is right
Lasting darkness will blind you of the sunrise to come in the morning
Learning is the realization that is difficult to stay dry when the dark-skies insist upon pouring
Insist they will and insist they wont, wonder and risk, for some a do and a don’t
But what of you and your desires to explore the world, it’s oasis’ and fires?
Bathe in healing waters shed from tears above in kingdoms in the sky
Burn in holy fires — burning your breath as you stop to wonder and ask why there are so many admirers?
Breakaway from certainty, limitation, and hesitation and take a dive into an ocean of imagination
Be better than the blues from which you bled and were bruised
Build belief from relief of the evasion of thieves and their bloodied and rolled up sleeves
Bitch and moan no more for those keeping score it reads fuck you I’m out the door!




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