We will break if we do not bend

By Kevin Alan Lamb

As I pour myself further into the well that is my creative drive and passion, it grows ever more apparent that I am not carved in the same fashion as the rest who ration their time and energy as a means of survival versus a soul’s revival and projection towards the sun

I rise and despite my progress I digress because in pursuit of a kingdom it grows ever more apparent that not a thing can be done about the heartless that believe they shine under a different sun

Our skin and bones make us human, but our emotions, our cries of exaltation, misery, joy, triumph, and pain are what render us all the same

Our story lies in the essence of how we were written

The greatness and fortune of any man must be measured in direct contrast against the scorn and wretch of all that bleed, and by whom they were bitten, and for the desperate and their ill-willed wishing, and for those who ignore the help they need, and their neglect in the face of their ability and choice not to see, and the crippling reality of the burden too many men face being free

Freedom isn’t for the weak-hearted and weary

Life will never demand your excellence but I command it if you wish to be near me ; I am no different than any being capable of making you love or fear me; infectious good is a drug so potent and pervasive it perplexes even the most capable minds why it is not seen clearly

And if it is seen, yet not sought, what does that signify about those by whom we’ve been taught?

Growing good is all around us, but we can see it only when  we offer it back, because light attracts light, and ill-will manifests black

Capabilities devastate reality, because we’ve narrowly just begun to set our sights on the rising sun, and transcend this growing-trend of the choice not to have a hand to lend, ultimately muting our voice in the end, because of a stubborn refusal to bend

But if we do not bend, we will certainly brake, and when we brake it will be yet another painfully obvious sign of a kingdom we aren’t incapable but unwilling to make, if only you would consider what’s at stake, the eyes, dreams, hearts, and freedom that flees in an apathetic effort to condemn and forsake

Help is not on the way for an orphan child praying on his knees; hope is futile if the most brilliant and capable of souls do not believe; love does not exist if as a species we refuse to unite and persist against the magnanimous army evil is certain to enlist

Everything is not alright simply because you sleep safely at night; ignorance will never supersede this fight; darkness grows all around us and it will penetrate our forces and spread like wildfire through our veins if we do not stand together and take our freedom and fate by the reins!

Pouring rain and thunderous lightning bolts from the heavens  above, need to serve as an inspiration and reminder of the capabilities of our love, because harmonious systems convey the most treacherous, capable and able beauty interwoven in them

The screams of signs grow scant if we do not listen to the sound of an obvious mission given from above and not below; within, but needed to be let out if it is to grow; quiet but incapable of denying it; if the iris fixates on the wish of not the self but the selfless, not the few, but the many; not for good but for great; we must not destroy but create; if we do not inspire who’s to say we do not forsake?

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Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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