Silhouette Inside the Sun

Driving through another gray filled day
Moisture in the air- soon winter will be stored away
For another year, three seasons past, spring you have returned, restored so fast
With it comes everything and nothing
New growth in the air
Patterned routines which I seem to no longer care
Calendar days pass
Like turning a page
Another year passed, the coming of age
The coming of wealth, a realized importance of health
A hope for a flicker from a dark corner
Light in loom of darkness
Silhouette inside the sun
Rising thoughts of possibilities, many efforts undone
Not too much longer, soothing crescents atop waves to come
A yearning within my soul so deep
The contrast of tasting heaven, or being limited to just a peek
I have tasted and taken a bit of each in my time
Yet remain hungry and curious with just hopes as to what I shall find
There is no question, to whether I look
There is no answer, to which path I ought to have took
I am here now, and certain of such
There will always be places I wished my reach had touched
Wish I will, and wish I wont, a dreamer, a realist, a do and a don’t
Which are you? If either or
I cannot be black or white, of that I’m sure
My essence lies, where the ocean meets the horizon
My purpose only to be found, in the depths of the sea diving
Like a treasure it lies, perhaps never to be found
Like a human it dies, anchored so heavily to the ground
Gravity or pressure, perhaps the means by which all greatness is measured
To sink or to swim, too bright, or too dim
Fading colors combine within this twilight filled night
To be or not to be, greatness to a blind-man is just out of sight.

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