Pretty Girl from Dallas (1,300 Miles North)

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My blood is laden with your pulse

It excites, terrifies, and inspires all at once

With only time and space as mountains to climb

Something tells me what I feel cannot be justified in rhyme

But that will not stop me from trying this time

Nothing short of the four horsemen and the apocalypse that ensues will keep me from you

I look into a night’s sky from 1,300 miles north

Yet still I feel you running through my veins – I long for the source

You are the greenest energy in my life

Your imprint has been left upon my soul

Left me thirsty, desperate for more

It is as if I have lived two lives

Before and after I woke in your arms accompanied by sunrise

In just 24-hour’s time, I was certain the bane of my existence required I make you mine

I close my eyes and feel your breath against my shoulder

The very idea of your love inspires in me a wisdom foreshadowing of a man much older

Saved the way Ray Lamantagne was, by a woman, surely he must have told her?

The sudden depth of my longing does not frighten but enlighten

Free me from the shallow gaze, deployed by those who love their games

It took no more than a blink of an eye to be certain that the pretty girl from Dallas is everything but the same.

I wear her around my neck

I choose to love and believe it will conquer doubt

There’s a light inside of her I wish to let it out

Darkness can always be conquered by light

If, and only when we commit ourselves to the fight

For all great things we must struggle

Doubt will breed but to let it consume you is to willingly be muzzled

So many silly people curious what love is and isn’t: I assure you, it isn’t a puzzle.

It is quite the contrary

The cohesion of often dissimilar things

Or sometimes of similar things in very different places

No matter the miles my head and heart take me

Within my written code is interwoven a face that cannot be erased from me

I am a better man because of it

I will make my mistakes and have my regrets

But certainly divinity is not without its test.

Photo credit to The Pretty Girl from Dallas

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