La Resistance

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Life exponentially grows as we allow the light to permeate our existence

Love and inspire your brother: won’t you join the resistance?

We are not fighting for blood, money or resources

We have chosen to treat each other better without the guise of the Holy Spirit and one of it’s many voices

I choose you only if you choose me

Despite a hangover of looming uncertainty I wake each morning and choose to believe

The alternative is futile

In this lifetime at the very least I will be useful

Ben Harper said:

“What good is a man
Who won’t take a stand
What good is a cynic
With no better plan.”

I am only counting on this life and not the next

If you are no good to a perfect stranger in this life then what hope have you in the next?

Where has the optimism gone from your life?

Who is it that sold you on the notion that the man you wish to be will never be in sight?

Your dreams are only yours if you chase them

Beauty has long been realized prior to the opportunity of tasting them

Close your eyes for a minute and be filled with the light and love of someone in your life

Love is all around us but we must be willing to give it to get it

Be honest with those closest to you because without them you will not prevail

At what point does courage take form of hubris to no avail?

Surely sadness and pain have worn your heart

Experience rebirth in a second start

Commit to yourself and your love

Remain in your corner till the day you lie breathless before the coroner

It will be your love that permeates years of pain endured

It requires vulnerability in the form of honest expression for the hurt to be cured

Expand your reach one smile at a time

Offer kind words that may instill serenity like the music made from church bells and chimes

Be the person that the darkness in the world seems convinced cannot exist

Carry on even if there is no empirical data suggesting you will persist

This life is only ours if we embrace it

Love is only love when we are willing to understand, accept, and make it

Surprise yourself and be better in every facet of your experiences

Evolve, not because it is required to live, but to lead

Reflect over your blessings, versus transcending towards that which you think you need.

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