Basking Breathless Under a Summer’s Sun

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Let’s get together and share some love
Let’s come together and shine with light from above
We are the ones who can change the world
We are the ones free to fly like birds
Today is the day we realize our dreams
Today is the day we grow strong like trees
Together we stand in the face of the status quo
Together we stand with no bound upon the limits we go
We are each others greatest strength
The beat of a determined heart knows no length
Through both peaks and valleys we shall rise and fall
Together we stand, throughout it all
Together we rise, every time we fall
With each new day the sun rises
The wicked in the world will present itself in different disguises
We can be tempted to succumb to darkness and despair
We can be tempted to unwind without a single care
Triumph is found basking breathless under a summer sun
Triumph is found knowing our climb up this mountain has just begun
Will you not rise if there is still but a breath in your bones?
Will you not rise in the face of an eternity spent alone?
Join your brothers and sisters in battle
Join your brother’s and sister’s shadow
The enemy lies within
The enemy’s eyes disguise a grin
The dividing line between good and evil is not sin
It is hope
It is belief
It is an emptiness replaced with blood, sweat, tears and faith
We must be willing to will for one another
We must be willing to bleed for a brother
We will win, and we will lose, but it remains each other that we must choose
We will love, and we will hate, but it remains the ego that we must cut loose
Our hope is in tomorrow’s horizon
Our hope, comes with the sun rising
My hope is you
And your hope is me
Give in to belief, and alas see what the world made possible for you and me.

By Eric Hampton

By Eric Hampton



The Haven Sanitarium: Mystery, Murder, Movie Stars

The Dying Romantic, Poetry

Shaggy Lamb Productions

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