This Dark Hour


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A flower for you- with roses in your smile

A kiss on the lips- you’ve been on my mind for a little while

Often I pass, with little more than a quiver

A pattern stagnant until a single stare was delivered

Belief, reciprocity, perhaps just mutual hopelessness

I never thought another could be broken like this

With all the wishes in the world I’d ask for but a kiss

There you were, here we are, hopelessly together under this falling star

Lost at the bottom of a forgotten wishing well

Bound by the spell of this dried up well in which we fell

But are we hopeless if together we stand?

Are we in despair if comforted by each other’s hand?

Perhaps we’re no different than so many other lost souls

Seeking but a breath in a water filled tank

Darkness turned light- on a single chance to take

Reaching for a reason to believe

Hoping for a smile to relieve

This accepted comatose that came with such ease

A heart screaming for more

A mind silencing this pervasive roar

This may be all I get- this pain it hurts like shit

A hope, a flower, a smile in this increasingly dark hour

What sign of things to come?

A fading empty horizon

A sun no longer rising

Where has the light gone?

This monotony has endured too long.

This Pain Kills Me


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This pain kills me

Deep, internal, it doesn’t belong in a heart so strong

What I would give for no others to live the way I do

Surrounded by so many- yet virtually without anything at all

No end in site

No hope for tonight

Tomorrow just the same

What can I do to bring change?

Is this my punishment for a life of good deeds?

Is this where ensuring the happiness of those around me did lead?

I ask, because after all of this time passed I am still without answer

Nothing that makes rationale sense of any of this

I live without waiting, because it has always seemed without hope

Do you know how troubling it is for me to say such words?

Without hope

How am I to lead this revolution of love and passion with none of my own?

It is running out

I am being spread too thin

How much longer will I keep my head up?

Without any give, any sign, or reason to endure

I exist internally

It is the only place where I can be honest with myself

And lately, the more honest I am, the more I fear I am right

The more I write these words, the more they open my eyes

What I have come to see brings chills to my bones

My hands quiver as I type

A familiar tune that reminds me once more how far I am displaced from the world of love

How about that for irony?

A romantic with enough sophrosine to let go

Waiting is the hardest part they say

I stopped waiting a long time ago

A simple suffocating truth

Please not another breath of this misery

It is too familiar

A friend

A reflection

A shadow I grew tired trying to outrun

Just another lost cause

Lost because

Lost without

Lost with little doubt that any of this is madness at all

How far can a man fall?

To what depths does darkness reach?

For what sins am I suffering I beseech!

Is there a lesson to teach?

Or do I grow weak because the peace I seek- will never be.

The Duration of a Good Vinyl


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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’m down and diggin’ this girl

Nothing’s gonna’ change my mind

It sure is something; the way you dissolve time

Five hours or five days? Let me count the ways you and I escape this place

Pick up and leave our bodies behind as we see how the gardens of Eden taste

I speculate a bit like you

Cotton candy skies woven with pink and blue

The Eiffel Tower held together by glue

A substance like your love holding strong and true

Endure the cold winds of the world if for even a single summer night’s breeze

Warm ocean waves and your scent tiptoe on my tingling knees

Brought to the Earth

Consumption, a blessing and not a curse

A dance I’ve always loved, yet don’t often enough rehearse

Won’t you tango with me? Heart on a sleeve

A damn good reason to believe

A hand to hold and each other’s lives to see

You will be what I need this cold winter

Your touch hot like a spring on a great Alaskan mountain adventure

If you can hold on I’ll take you for a ride

Perhaps of a lifetime

Or at least the duration of a good vinyl

My lips are nothing if not a pain killer with a touch of Tylenol

Let me ease your pain and bring ease of breath to your chest

Melt like the chocolate cake you love

Blessed with extraordinary sweetness from the souls that linger above

You inspire their dance while I succumb to your trance

I have donated my heart to your science, please proceed with care your highness.


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Love, Lunacy and Laughter

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My beautiful girl: I’m afraid you’ll become my world

For better, and well better

Your imprint travels through my veins

I wish to put in words what your kiss sings to me

Would you mind if I graffiti the moon for the whole world to see?

Does someone like you ever realize what they do to someone like me?

I want your hand to cover this land with love, lunacy and laughter

There should be no confusion – it is your heart that I am after

A heart to hold, a heart to trust

A heart that deserves the best of love

I will endure the world’s pain to protect you from your tears

Because when you cry- it will never be because I didn’t try

I will hold you close and feel your heart beat next to mine

The world around us ceases to be as your lips lend to laying lazy lost from time

Days may pass, but as I grow closer to my death I’ll continue to chase you see

Your song I wish to sing to you, the way your eyes sing to me

Imagine a romantic caught in serendipity

Know thy self the Greeks perpetually preached

A certain gift from the God’s soon to be within lips reach

I am no laity but the good word of your love I will preach

She will save even condemned souls from the depths of darkness

Proceed with caution and care with a spark like this

Wide-eyed and heart upon my sleeve

I will chase you to the worlds end and for that many believe me naïve

But if naivety will be my demise

All I ask in return is your hand, heart and lips for but one sunrise.

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To Sit and Listen


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It hurts me more than you know

It hurts me all the time

I can’t simply say it is going to be fine

Because you are mine

And it kills my mind

That I am unable to do a thing

I want to do something or say something so very badly

But you tell me it will only make it worse

You tell me it is your curse

And I am not the magician to lift it

I can’t sit and listen much longer

My anger grows stronger as you tell me what they do

My heart crumbles knowing they’re hurting you

It fills me with such intense anger

I once told you that I’d always protect you from danger

But that is one threat which you refuse me to protect

I want to talk to them and see it in their eyes

See if they can be strong or the cowards they are when I see through their lies

They know how close we have become

And even though I’m far

It won stop me from starting to run

To your safety and their demise

Show them their actions are not very wise

I want to condemn them a thousand times

Scream hatred poetry full of rhymes

Maybe it would take that for them to listen

Because I can take it no more

Maybe they will be ashamed of their flaws

Their ability to love their children deserves no applause

They should be beaten and punished for their action

See my reaction

See how I respond when you beat the girl I love

Know always that I am watching from above

Watching their every move like a dove

And pretty soon I will not allow myself to sit and listen

If I see a tear in my love’s eye glisten

How quickly my pacifism will be missing

So strongly my fists tighten

My once peaceful mind will turn to nothing but fighting!!



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It seems so natural

So obvious of our feelings

Will I let her know?

Or just see where it goes

I can see here smile as I kiss her lips

With my hands moving up and down her hips

She makes me shiver

So much you want to give her

She is on your mind

Most all the time

She makes you smile dosed with happiness

Where it is going?

I am unknowing

But each day this feeling is growing

Maybe soon I will start more intensely showing

I fell you inside when I hear your voice

In the car world you are a Rolls Royce

If I take a chance will I find romance?

No, that is not code for getting in your pants

I want you

Your eyes your lips

Your heart your soul

Not just a bit, the crazy, the beautiful in whole

I want your trust and sincerity

I want to see us happy in perfect clarity

I will try and obtain these things

But I still don’t know how your heart feels when your phone rings

And it is my voice you hear

These things are unclear

But I shall not fear

The time is near

When things will be revealed

Feelings should rarely be concealed

Life is short

And tomorrow could always be too late

Until you know these things

I dare not hesitate.



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To be faithful

This is something that one in love should unquestionably commit to

How can you bare to look into her eyes?

What if she had been with other guys?

She could hide it with her lies

Making you not none the wise

Unknowing to the sacrifice of your love

In each hug

She hides from you so deep

It’s the kind of thing that comes out in her sleep

Occasionally she may weep

At the times when she realizes the purity of your love that she didn’t keep

But the worst part of it all

You will never know the difference

You can never ask her why

Why she risked everything for one night with a guy

Why she stopped caring about you if only for an instant?

But more importantly why she had always previously resisted?

What changed?

Could you take it no longer?

Instead of growing stronger

Did your love fade?

Did you forget what we had made?

Did you forget how I would do anything for you?

Because you’re the love of my life

The one I see every night

The one who emerges from darkness to light

The one who lies to me everyday

Because she is afraid in the end I might not stay.

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