Learning to fly

“Some people are learning to die, some people are yearning to fly”- Brett Dennen.

Artwork done by Jessica Grego

Anti-gravity pulls me toward the sky

Time will tell you must devolve, dissolve, descend, and die

Considering that alternative, I’d rather learn to fly

Lift off this earth in trade of my hearse

I will be the story that inspires hope in those that are cursed

Open their eyes to the life above and below blue skies

To be human is to live, love, and die

To be human is a yearning to one day fly

Haven’t you always wanted to give weightlessness a try?

Unburden yourself of worry and pain

Be lifted upward despite how we are trained

Like fallen raindrops we retrace our origin to the heavens above

You will notice how closely flight resembles love

Perhaps this is why peace comes to form in dove

Peace, love and flight on this perfect cloudless night

The stars shimmer and shine; in this moment I wish the world mine

If I can touch it I can take it

If don’t stop believing I can make it

In order to fall we must rise

Whether you know it or not, within you such great heights reside



The Haven Sanitarium: Mystery, Murder, Movie Stars

Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love

The Dying Romantic, Poetry

Shaggy Lamb Productions

This Is A Good Sign

Eric Hampton Photography

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