Rise Up

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It’s either love or hate I can’t find in-between

The stars or six feet under

Violent storms with pounding thunder

Electricity that makes you wonder

What if?

Could such things be?

If there’s going to be a difference in this life

Could it be me?

There are great people I am thankful to have met

On a good thing I’ve come comfortable to bet

This is the reason we endure the length of days

Give your belief in love and I reckon it pays

I am your brother; she is your sister that I feel the pain of

Understand my thoughts are with you– the people I listen to hear the names of

There are many silly things in my life that I like to make a game of

But this isn’t one

This is and isn’t about fun

Like Ben said we’re on both sides of the gun

Trigger and barrels

How such perspective narrows

The way the world appears before our eyes

I hope you love yourself and not the disguise

Just one they say

That’s all the life I’m going to get

Didn’t you hear it’s not too late to get your fire lit?

Out the door

Ready for more

Hands in the air

It’s not that I don’t care

Consider the flip side in something rare

This is gold to me

Are you really still skeptical waiting to see?

Why not for once have faith in what could be?

Not what is, rather a simpler harmony

I have no question I mean something– like you do to me

I owe the pleasure I m blessed with because of your breath

To die with my people is a reasonable way to taste death

A taste I will not forget

Fortunate to get

All of you and these things that define respect

If I have a will, its entirety is yours, for keeping me in check

A debt I know only by the smile on your face

Something to believe in that’s not a waste

A decision to give without question; free from the burden of haste

Take a second and look around this place

True beauty and a white skirt woven of golden lace

From the gods

For the obnoxious kid that at least makes you smile

Maybe something you haven’t even felt in a while

We never know why things come and go

Yet, here we are, with no poker face to show

Mine, what we see in the mirror

Sadly, what some of us come to fear

The doubts and limitations of our skin

A battle with tidal waves we cannot win

If we’ve already conceded we’ve redefined original sin

Stand tall, if you can stand at all

Be the deus ex machina to those who can only crawl!

Give life legs

Freedom from pegs

To rise

To be free

If the world ended tomorrow; what I know is worth only you and me.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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