A Whisper on the Wings of Wind

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Talk to me

Tell me what you want

I will try and make it yours

I want to make you happy

Not just once in a while

I want to make your days better

Your nights sweeter

Your tears less, and your smiles longer

Because this is what you do to me

So I feel I owe you just the same

If they ask who does it to me

I won’t tell them your name

You can be my secret

Always just a whisper in the ear

The wind will carry you away

Or maybe just to me

The right feelings have a strange way of making you shiver

Give you the chills right down to your spine

In a whisper

I hear you are mine

It makes me tremble

No other feeling does it resemble

The soft sweet sound in the air

Assuring me that life isn’t fair

Because not everyone is lucky enough to find someone like you

But I have

And I will not insult them by letting you slip away

So I will grab on

And hold tight

Because you’re the one I want to be with tonight

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

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