A Kingdom Below

Capable of more, no door will remain unopened

Itching to fly, a soul must seek richness in spirit and set its sights to the sky

At the edge of tears and joy he lives, for a better way his heart and struggle, he gives

Needing less, yet desiring the world before his eyes, dreams at fingertips

A taste of the woman he loves and her luscious lips

Nobody will love you quite like he does

He will pray to you, not a kingdom in a sky above

Sweat will bead from his eyes as he illuminates peace, love, and happiness behind “enemy” lines

Hope will run wild as his smile uplifts, like the joy of a Jamaican leaping into the air, as he dives to the sea far below from the cliffs

Care will dare to spare no man, woman, or child, as tyrants of the world capture life, and bodies are piled

Love will not be defined like religion in books, catergorized, scrutinized, and prescribed as a means to satisfy crooks

Life will be enough in every second, minute, and hour because united, every breath instills magnanimous power

Good Signs will be abundant, as the pheromones inspired from the scent of positive light will be pungent

Families will be together, as wars are no longer forecast like the weather

Death will not be feared, because in life we will not hear its arrival foreshadowed on the horizon

Salvation will be showered upon us, in every living soul we show kindness and gaze our honest eyes on

Enlightenment will transcend theory and inspire even the broken-hearted and weary

World peace will no longer be a wish upon a star, pleaded to from warn knees

The light of life will lift us and gift us the ability to forgive and forget the fear we were once prescribed

Seas will shine as our sins wash away with the cascading tide.

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