By Kevin Alan Lamb

Standing at the edge of the world, looking into your eyes in the great distance

Always drawn to the part of you, that moves the part me, to this place so close to the ocean and stars

I have always felt you in my heart, despite your absence in my physical space and consciousness

Little time is spent wondering, however, where you are, or why you still remain between the horizon and where the ocean meets the sand

I will not rearrange my plans and change for you

Because I would not ask you to do the same

A man’s visions and missions are like a heat signature forged to his being, releasing an energy that only certain souls can perceive and endure

Certainty is not of place and time, rather commitment of heart and mind

The decision to bear the blessing and burden of pursuing your dreams and full potential of your abilities

When considering needs, a certain type of man needs both less and more

Less material, but miles and mountains more of everything else

Experiences, friendships, smiles, laughs, goals, sweat, responsibilities, and love

Love is in all things despite our desire for it to be fulfilled in one

A fool trades that which he loves, for that which he thinks he needs

Music in my heart reminds me of the journey both long, adventurous, and fulfilling before me

My skin and bones will fail before my heart and mind

I will conquer fear with hope, and not be deterred but motivated by struggle and strife

Celebrate adversity with apparent freedom and the unbounded possibility it encourages

Focus amidst thunder and lightning, fixate your eyes on tangible feats through pouring rain

Pain is proof of your desire to achieve

Belief brings the broken and beaten, back to life

Discover what it is you love about yourself, before you seek it in the world

Move yourself and embrace the reciprocal movement of inspiration from others

Remember the stars you gazed upon as a child, and never voluntarily tame your soul, if it was created wild.

By Eric Hampton


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