Just a second in good faith



I need to breathe.

It may not require more than second.

But it is something I need, insist upon.

I am sorry if you must continue.

I am sorry if you cannot spare a second.

Move along, perhaps again we will meet.

I just need this moment, this moment to breathe.

Take it in.

Lungs filled with life, conflict, possible resolution.

Always possibility, rarely certainty.

It is not certainty we desire.

We loathe it.

It is something we resort to when we are scared.

When we are alone.

In moments of prayer.

This is not the case for those of good faith.

But I am not such a person.

I believe in a lot of things, static things.

Practiced religion is not one of them.

This isn’t to undermine their value, phenomena really.

Faith is difficult thing, for any man.

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