Here’s to the festival warrior inside of all of you. We have discovered an oasis of conscious, free-thinkers who cannot deny the best way to consume music is at the all you can eat buffet under the sun, stars, moon, and great sky which loves and laughs at us all for our confused and contradictory way of life. Our earth simultaneously loves and absorbs the good vibrations we beam from our being in the form of rhythm, harmony, dancing feet and exhalations of joy and temporary madness as a result of finding freedom if only to see its volunteered surrender once the moment has passed; but our earth’s love turns to shrugs when we leave its temple in place of cities built to resemble a dream which few of us possess yet are slowly crushed from its stress while we try to dress and live the part but who are we really fooling at all?

Don’t stop your discovery; don’t let the dream die; you can look to the sky but it will not save or condemn you, the power is your own, grown from good will and intentions sewn together, at home together, stronger than buildings built of cement, detention and guilt, unattainable in a pill or a thrill but found in the chill quivering down your spine when a single human being possesses the power and self awareness to make a dream our dream, his dream, her dream, the dream made reality without the threat of senility but certainty of awakening and a future worth taking, making, and liberating from the soul to the source to the mind, body and spirit without fear of it and what’s to come when we bang a drum to the sound of a beat with a cadence not yet realized, owned, or controlled.