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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

At only 22, this Christian’s best was summoned to ensure that he stayed afloat as thunder and lightning crashed upon him. Forsett’s faith filled him with the strength to trust God in his darkest hour, and navigate calamitous storms while holding true to the treasures in his heart.

Within one month of his rookie season, the California Golden Bear was released by both Seattle and Indianapolis, while learning that his mom, Albertina, was losing her battle with cancer.

“A couple of days before that, my dad had told me that my mom, who had been battling cancer for a while, maybe only had a year to live,” he remembers. “I was at a point where I was a rookie, I’d been cut twice, and I was sending money back home whenever I got it to help my mom go through treatment and pay for insurance. I had the burden to not only find a way to provide for myself, but to provide and take care of my mom. It was heart-crushing.”

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