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A Good Sign for someone who hasn’t see one in some time. A Good Sign for eyes that have been filled with tears
A Good Sign for a heart grown weary with the years
Kind eyes for a soul that has searched for reciprocity in them
Gentle touch for those willing to reveal their blush
Honest words for those too often subject to relative truth
Inspiration to invigorate joy forgotten since youth
A reminder of dreams forgotten
An assurance no soul condemned to be rotten
Hope in a simpler and better way
Help for which you simply have to ask for, not pray
A friend when all else have seemed to stray
A smile when your immediate company employs perpetual frown
A reason to get up when all you want to do is stay down
Good Signs help me connect with the soul of another
These days I say I love you more, ‘how can I help you brother?’
Family not by blood, but in love
Likened by the desire to help set free from the burden of doubt and misery
Love will mean different things to you and me
But surely any man can see the benefit of a world more happy and friendly
Forgive your enemy and unshackle yourself of their poisoned well
Lift others and experience flight in return
Learn from your shortcomings and accept responsibility in both failures and success
Don’t be so certain your sensitivity is a weakness and a negative product of the delicate organ within your chest
Live by example and be careful not to trample on the dreams of those you love
When hope runs dry look to those who have always stood by you, before a symbolic kingdom in the clouds above




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