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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My evolution has reached its stride

We fall in and out of rhythm with ourselves and our excellence

It doesn’t happen overnight but with commitment and choice we discover greatness within

Like a garden it requires constant attention and care

Evolution is about accepting our deficiencies and consciously improving insofar as what we can physically control

Certain things are out of our control — predetermined if you will

Maybe for a reason, maybe not

Too many prefer blissful ignorance when it comes to acknowledging their shortcomings

A good man is self-aware of his goodness without drowning himself and others in it

A good man makes mistakes and not only learns from them but goes out of his way to help others benefit from them as well

I believe it is in us to want to help

Some, more than others

But it is there, deep within our genetic code

But before we can best help others we must help ourselves find ourselves in our actions

Every man needs a code

There comes a point when we trust our intuition over and above all things

Intuition is an interesting thing

A strong sense of feeling grounded in logic — at least for me

I used to exhaust resources fighting my self — it was inefficient

Discover your current and swim with it no matter where it takes you

If you don’t like where you end up there are other means of travel

The only end that is certain is death

Everything else is in our control until we choose to relinquish that control

For some, that means having children, or buying a house, or being a slave to a desk

We can be all things but we’re just better at some

When I think back over my life I imagine I’ll just smile

I imagine in my final days I will assemble a soundtrack for my story

But in addition to songs it will have people and places, love and adventures that compile my greatest hits

And the most I could hope for is that all the people I love have a chance to come together and rejoice, laugh and dance while listening to my soundtrack once I pass

Because if we can unite a community of this world that truly loves and accepts one another and lives to leave a better way for those to come tomorrow — well then there’s really nothing else

We will write our best ideas down on paper but really every idea was someone else’s idea before

So without the chance of being original we ought to just enjoy the earth

The sun, the stars, the moon and the ocean

The beautiful women and the most delicious wine

The finest beer and the most luscious fruit

And most of all, the music and the people we love and hope sing and dance whenever it is that our time runs out, because when they remember us at the very least they are left with a smile, and maybe even a tear down their cheek.




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