By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Feelin good about feelin good
Given life to experience it — enjoy yourself and never quit
Feeling good without a reason
Livin your life to the fullest — ain’t no crime or treason

Feelin alright tonight strolling down the coast
Given life to live it — you know I’m gettn the most
Catching rays of sun until my fair skin is toast
If it’s as hot as they say it is in hell we’re all gonna roast

Headphones and lyrics free my soul from feelin the fear
Beautiful women and booze are a necessity I like near
Prayers and pouring rain shower this beautiful earth the same
I fell in love last night but today cannot recall her name

Feelin good about feelin good
It is treason to the soul to have a taste of life and not go lookin for more
Rolled in the sand with a half-naked woman last night under the stars washed in the shore
Living  your life to the fullest means you’re lying if you’re not looking to score

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