1.       The San Francisco Chronicle likened your tuneful jangle to The Beatles. Are they one of your inspirations? Describe what it means to be held in such high regard/company?

2.       What prompted the merger of Margo and Nemo, your individual bands, in the late ‘90s?

3.       What was the most challenging aspect of releasing your first album, “Country Was”?

4.       The release of “Mignonette” featured polished harmonies, introspective lyrics, and a new sense of dedication that helped elevate the band to new heights. Talk about this evolution.

5.       Describe your nerves leading up to your performance of “Paranoia in B-Flat Major” on Conan O’Brien.

6.       In 2009 Rolling Stone named you “the artist to watch of 2009.” Do you remember where you were when you got the news? Who is the first person you called?

7.       Is there a greater honor than sharing a stage with Bob Dylan at the Grammys?

8.       Any plans to play again with Mumford and Sons?

9.       Bands such as Mumford and yourselves have made uplifting, lyrically striking, music “cool” again. Thank you. Where does your inspiration come from?

10.   If you could pick on artist/act, living or dead, to accompany you on stage, who would it be?

11.   With songs like “Pretty Girl From…” you integrate and grab a pervasive hold over your fans in every performance. Tell us what they mean to you?

12.   After the release of “I and Love and You,” you made your rounds on the late night talk show circuit. Who was your favorite host?

13.   Talk about the multitude of emotions fueling you when recording your first DVD, “Live Volume 3,” at your homecoming concert at the Banjo Coliseum in Charlotte.

14.   I have seen you perform three times. Most recently in Indianapolis. Each show featured a unique set list. Talk about the preparation and excitement involved with playing a new show each night you take the stage.

15.   Rolling Stone featured Dylan’s 100 greatest songs. What are your top five?

16.   What can fans hope for with the release of your next album in early 2012?

17.   Your grandfather Clegg Avett was a Methodist Minister. What role did he play in your exploration of matters of faith and spirituality?

18.   Do you have a favorite song to play? Individually? Together?

19.   Share with us the magic that is clearly evident while playing alongside your brother?

20.   Your music is described as nakedly honest. Your vulnerability and intensity forges a connection with fans. Can you elaborate on that connection?

21.   It can be said that you’ve created your own subgenre onstage of “punk-grass.” Tell us the role that will play in delivering The Avett Brothers to a broader audience?

22.   You recorded “I and Love and You” in Malibu, California. What significance did switching your recording methods play in the success of the album?

23.   Tell us about your commitment to make music of substance.

24.   You both play piano, drums, and all things strings respectively: Who were your teachers?

25.   You have identified song writing as an “essential and imperative element to your existence.” I love it. What age did you start writing? Did you write in other mediums than song?

26.   What is the most lasting memory of your first tour, spanning 21 cities?