Who says a day only lasts 24 hours?

Within every day, every 24 hours, could either make or break your life.

In any given hour, you can meet your true love; lose someone you hold dear,

Score the winning touchdown, or see your best friend move away.

Time is a strange thing

With every day

We are allowed 24 hours,

But what doesn’t make sense

Is that if your best friend dies, he doesn’t ever come back

It’s not a 24 hour cycle of repetition

Whoever said a day only lasts 24 hours

Must have not lived much of a life at all

In every beings life

It will come down to that one hour, that one minute, even that one second

For their life to be made, or missed

Whether you miss a train by a matter of seconds

And it happens to derail with no survivors

Or you just make a flight by running

And you take a dive into sea

Every 24 hours, every day, is what makes the rest of your life

It is the little things that will or will not happen that make, or break you

A day doesn’t last 24 hours, rather an eternity

Doesn’t that just make you think?

What could happen if you let a day go to waste?