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It insists upon growing

The degree to which I want to hold you

Too many things I can show you

But you will have to earn it

I will not simply fall into your arms

No matter how sweet your charm

Harm still is forewarned at the surface

Danger my mind screams

It is coming through my dreams

My heart forgets what I have seen

How childish it can be

Broken but remaining one piece

Romance is what makes the world go round

Keeping us stuck on the ground

It consumes a free soul

Taxing it and collecting tolls

But we won’t ever know because when we try to let go

Our world stops moving

Instantly romance is proving

That in search of it we are constantly losing

After being hurt we focus on improving

But then she kisses you with those lips and stirs such intense emotions perpetually looming

Your mind tries to stop you from falling

But it is already too late

Love tossed you a line and you took the bait

Romance disabled your ability to hesitate

You pictured her by your side

Opened your arms wide

Quite possibly instantly regretting your decision to confide

But like the tide– things do change

And with the days

I will count the ways

That you will let me down

I will stop chasing you around

One of these days.