I surf these waves with a smile on my face

The sun and salt dance upon my lips, leaving an irreplaceable taste

Dancing a top the water like a butterfly under blue sky on yet another blessed day to be alive

Into the oceans depth’s my passion dives

Ecstasy through suffocation

Like a fish trapped in a mans body

Bounded by the water’s blue hue

Like the welcome mat signifying you’re home

At sea I am never alone

Connected to ships both sail and steam

Every adventurer’s dream

To set free and conquer the Earth

Fear its beloved and actual worth

Let it tickle your soul and bring you to life

Man by day

Loving and living phenomena by night

No distance out of sight

Only myself and my destiny

Heaven and hell my witness

To be alive and not living if I had missed this

The meaning of existence culminated into a single kiss

From a sunken ship

Holding life’s most sought out treasure