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Just another Monday of another week

Just my life; all that it will, and won’t be

Another summer day in the golden glove

Another chance to seize my dreams– to fall in love

We keep on our way; sometimes more, sometimes less

We tell ourselves we’re trying to be the best

Keep your head up and a smile on your face

Keep your friends and your heart, in a similar place

Grow from your shortcomings and inconsistencies

Never close yourself from the world and its possibilities

I am me, and that is that

However, what lies in my transcendence, will never be fact

Here today, but where tomorrow?

How many more years will I have to borrow?

Love and life to find my own

Truth and happiness from which I have grown

There are no answers, simply more questions

Countless details Mother Goose forgot to mention

None of this seemed according to plan

So I laced my shoes, said my goodbyes and ran

Not sure to where; not sure why

Not even certain it deserved a goodbye

What lies ahead? What lies beneath?

I seek, I see, but what will it teach?

Today is a day like any other

The sun shines, traffic moves, and I float on

Not sure what awaits, I live with my mistakes

Like too many others; only pray when bound to be forsaken

A chance here, a chance there– happy to have taken

I look for something to distract the monotony of even a dynamic life

The world is moving all around us

Every so often we are fortunate enough to crash into those like us

It can be beautiful

But it can also be defeating


Zeroed back to one

The moment you believed it had just begun, was in actuality the moment it ended

Rear ended

Tomorrow’s possibility expended

For now

In this moment

But we carry on

Carry each other

Hope for the flicker of light we often see in beautiful dreams

Hope for her scent

Hope for her smile

Hope even when it seems hope has been absent for a while.