The Realm of Uncertainty


Life has different meaning to each and every person. Some people choose to maximize potential to succeed, and others to ignore its existence. But regardless to what a man or woman does with his or her life, there always will exist the question of creation, existence, and life it self. In society people live such structured lives, built on very many certainties, like a career. If one signs a contract, and shows up to work each day, they will receive a pay check every so often. Society’s standard preaches to go to a 4 year college, and receive a degree.

The average individual has an understanding of the “why” in what they are doing. It is this awareness in the purpose of what people do, that motivate them to get an education, or a good career. Society is very aware of why they do the activities they do in life, but no man or woman is aware of why we actually live. It becomes very religious, to commit so much time and effort to a life where there is no certainty of anything beyond our deathbed.

“We ask why, because, we think because.” This is from The Universe, written by May Swenson. Human beings contemplate upon their existence, because they think we must be here for some purpose.

This poem dances around the never ending curiosity of man. It seems strange how so many people need the satisfaction of a purpose in life, beyond life it self. I am a religious person, and feel there will be a great beyond once I pass. But surely I am not going through my life trying to get there any faster.

If one is unable to live this lifetime as if it were their only one, then they may be greeted with much displeasure upon death, philosophically speaking. Life is the greatest experience any man or woman can endure, yet man seeks more. There is always a curiosity that evokes a question that cannot be answered, and it is that answer which man refuses to be without.

I feel too many people cannot will themselves to believe that the universe doesn’t revolve around their existence in it. “Because we think why, we think, the universe about us.”(Swenson) It is absurd, but very common, for an individual to think he or she is the center of something as never ending and mystical as the universe.

In reading this poem, it makes me feel very small and minute in the greater scheme of things. It does not belittle me, but it reminds me that I am a part of something great, not the great thing itself. “And what if the Universe is not about us?”(Swenson) I feel this poem is sort of satirizing present day society.

It is a criticism of how self centered many people can often be. It is ironic how so many of these individuals so greatly long for the purpose of life when they cannot even come to terms with the reality of life. This poem causes one to reflect upon their life. It creates the moral dilemma in realizing that we are not as important as we think in this world.

It makes one wonder about the boundaries of society he or she limits his/her self to each day. “We, within our brains, within it, think, we must unspin, the laws that spin it.”(Swenson) People are raised and taught a very precise way of living, thinking, existing. We are taught to live to a standard, but who creates this standard? The universe challenges every law and rule we limit our selves to each day. Its immeasurable continuum is in direct confrontation with every certainty we think we have in our life. So many people are unhappy with their jobs, yet continue to go each day. They feel it is a certainty in life that they need a certain amount of money to live. I ask what is living, if in absence of happiness?

The human race is so fixed on finding a meaning to life – because they are certain there is one. But what if there is no meaning and life itself is the answer to the question which they all seek? The universe is the absence of our certainties, and simply the giver of life.